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In 2016, St John started providing primary health services through the acquisition of four existing medical centres and this model was enhanced with the introduction of Urgent Care centres. This move gave St John the opportunity to provide GP jobs for qualified practitioners looking to migrate to Perth, Australia.

Our expansion into primary health is a strategic move aimed at ensuring people can access vital health services, particularly when they have unexpected health needs. This is an extension of what we have always sought to achieve through first aid training and ambulance services. It helps us move towards the desired position of being an effective gateway into the health system for unscheduled care.

Doctor Job Opportunities in Perth, Australia that support your family

Living in Perth

Sunny WA, there is nothing else like it. White beaches and crystal clear oceans are only the start when it comes to being a local.

Doctor Jobs in Perth, Australia

Being a GP in Perth

Here in the West, you can enjoy an excellent work/life balance to ensure you can spend quality time with your family and friends, something we know can be difficult within the healthcare systems internationally.

Move to Perth to work as a doctor or GP

Moving to Perth

We have created a guide on all the essential steps to consider when migrating to Perth for a job as a GP. Plus hear from other expats who made the move.

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