Living in Perth

Western Australia prides itself on being the fastest growing and most prosperous state in Australia. You can put it down to the warm and sunny weather, its vibrant location close to Asia, or that it offers an exciting lifestyle like no other, with Western Australians enjoying a high standard of living, quality housing and world class health and education systems.

With a coastline stretching 12,000 kilometres, Western Australia covers a third of continental Australia and is home to 2.3 million people, the majority of whom live in the capital city of Perth. Blue skies, fresh air and pristine parks and beaches are what visitors remember after spending time in Western Australia, and these are also valued and enjoyed by Perthites.

Flying time from Perth to Singapore is around five hours, making Perth Australia’s closest capital to Asia and to important international business and logistic centres. Western Australia also shares the same time zone as China and much of Asia making, business with the region highly accessible.


Perth experiences more blue-skied sunny days than any other city in Australia which makes it perfect for an outdoor lifestyle.  Its Mediterranean climate means you can enjoy long hot summers from December to February and mild cool winters from June to August. No matter which part of the world they or their families originate, most Western Australians enjoy spending much of their leisure time outdoors. And when large areas of green bushland and parkland are right on your doorstep, going outdoors for as much time as possible with family and friends is the natural thing to do.


The real estate market in Perth is very strong. If you decide to buy, please note that you must have permanent residency in order to be eligible to purchase a property in Perth. Otherwise, you need approval from the Australian government as a foreign resident.

Or if you decide to rent, it’s important to act quickly as the rental market is very competitive. Once you find a property you like, you will need to fill out an application form which will enable your details to be passed onto the real estate agent. This can include work and personal references, letters from prospective employers, proof of monies and proof of previous rentals or owning a home. St John Ambulance Western Australia will provide a letter of support for your rental application.


In Australia, the academic year runs from February to December with holidays as follows:

  • February to April followed by a two week Autumn holiday
  • April to July followed by a two week Winter holiday
  • July to September followed by a two week Spring holiday
  • October to December followed by a six to eight week Summer holiday break

Children must attend school from five years of age until the completion of Year 10. Children who have completed Year 10 must participate in full-time education, training or employment,  or a combination of these activities until they reach 17 years of age. You can send your children to either a government or non-government school. To find schools in your area, look under ‘Schools’ in the White Pages telephone directory or visit this website.

A high percentage of Western Australians then undertake tertiary studies and they are well-served for world-class tertiary institutions. Western Australia has five universities which cater to undergraduate and graduate students and have internationally recognised research institutions. Western Australia also has numerous colleges offering trade certificates and advanced training in a variety of fields.


Perth is Australia’s western gateway, making travelling to other countries like south-east Asia and the United Kingdom extremely easy. Or if you prefer to travel within Australia, domestic airlines operate daily services to Perth from the Eastern States meaning the east coast is only a short flight away. Both Perth’s domestic and international terminals are located a quick 20 minutes from the heart of Perth city, which makes getting to and from the airport accessible to all Perthites.

Then with its massive coastline stretching across the western edge of Australia, there’s plenty to do and see in Western Australia. Pristine parkland, nearby bushes, rivers and ocean beaches allow you spread out and go anywhere in the State. Whether it’s hopping on a ferry to Rottnest Island or touring the beautiful Swan Valley vineyards, there’s a handful of wonderful weekend getaway destinations to choose from.